Washroom Cleaning Services in Bristol



Fed up walking into grimey, foul smelling washrooms and toilets at work? Current cleaners not up to scratch? Can we recommend you consider using Advanced Cleaning's team of dedicated washroom and toilet cleaners in Bristol?


We all know how important a clean office is in Bristol but the toilets are just as important too - both to staff and visitors! The office washroom and toilets might be behind 1 or 2 firmly closed doors but that doesn't mean out of sight, out of mind.

By calling on our washroom cleaning services you can rest assured you will receive not just toilet cleaning but also the following:

Green cleaning credentials - we provide green toilet cleaning products on request

Daily cleans using strong detergents and bleach to help minimise the spread of germs and bacteria in the workplace

Fresher smelling loo's - as a FREE EXTRA at absolutely no cost to you we regularly provide Toilet Air Freshners, Lemon Zest bin liners and Coconut Cream Handwash to name just a few!

Correctly trained toilet cleaners - our staff are trained and regularly assess on their handling of cleaning products to ensure they stay on the right side of Health and Safety law.


Call us today for a washroom cleaning quote - we'll take measurements and your cleaning requirements and provide a no obligation quote. If you are happy we can make an on-site assessment to review any specific needs and all without any pressure on your part to take us on.



Green Washroom and Toilet Cleaning Credentials

We like to do our bit for the environment. So we use eco-friendly & non toxic products. Wherever possible, we separate rubbish from the salvageable in your bins, recycling all paper, glass, plastic & tin products.