"Blitz" Deep Cleaners in Bristol and South West



Every house and home across Bristol and the South West needs a really deep "blitz" clean at least once a year - especially after a gruelling winter when we spend more time indoors.


Advanced Cleaning in Bristol regularly get asked to clean to a really detailed and deep level by private property owners across the South West UK who want their home gleaming to estate and letting agents (and not forgetting builders) who need a property deep cleaned properly to make it more attractive.

If you are looking for a deep cleaning company in Bristol or indeed across the region give us a call - we can take room numbers and measurements over the phone to give an initial free quote and we will then (with your permission) visit you to assess any other requirements.

Once confirmed we can send in our highly trained and friendly team of local South West and Bristol based blitz cleaners - at short notice if required - to get to work providing a really deep clean and adding a true sparkle that will really make a difference.


Green Deep Cleaning Credentials

As blitz cleaners in Bristol we like to do our bit for the environment. So we use eco-friendly & non toxic products. Wherever possible, we separate rubbish from the salvageable in your bins, recycling all paper, glass, plastic & tin products.