Advanced Cleaning UK



Terms and Conditions


The Company’s employees will call as arranged to carry out the specified work, statutory holidays and weekends excluded unless otherwise arranged. All desks to be cleared as far as possible, thus facilitate the cleaning, and preventing papers becoming mislaid. Only rubbish in bins will be removed unless otherwise stated.

2. All Company equipment and materials is supplied to the subscriber’s premises for the sole purpose and use as described within the cleaning specification and contract. In accordance with Health and Safety regulations the company equipment is restricted to us by the Company’s employees only.

3. Any specialist materials or equipment required on this contract would have been costed at the initial quotation stage; any items that are found to be needed retrospectively to complete specific tasks will be charged for. It is the responsibility of the subscriber to inform Advanced Cleaning UK of their specific requirements before the commencement of the contract. However, if subsequent to commencement of service, any materials, equipment or items relating to Health & Safety (either in respect of the clients or suppliers staff) not previously apparent or advised prior to the costing the principal service and are then found to be necessary, then any such expense will be subject to a surcharge.

4. The security and safe keeping of all stores is the responsibility of the subscriber or their servants at the subscriber’s premises. A secure lockable cupboard must be provided; any loss or theft of cleaning materials will be charged for accordingly

5. Where there is a requirement for keys to be issued for access or security purposes, two set will be required. Both sets will be coded and one set issued to our operative(s) on site. The second will be held by the Company for supervisory, stores delivery and emergency purposes.

6. The company shall be liable for damage to subscriber’s property directly caused due to neglect by the Company’s servants to the extent only of making good such damage to property, or compensating such damage, provided that the maximum liability of the Company shall be limited to 1 million pounds. It is a condition of the company’s liability that damage to the property is available for inspection and notified the Company in writing within 24 hours of occurrence

7. In the event of the cleaning being prevented by the subscriber or his servant, it shall be considered as performed, and the subscription for the said cleaning shall be payable as compensation for lost time.

8. In the event of the subscriber removing to other premises before the termination of this agreement, the Company will transfer the arrangements, and the cost will be adjusted accordingly.

9. If this agreement is not determined by a written notice of term, the contract will run for a minimum period of 12 months from the commencement date of the physical cleaning and thereafter it shall be subject to termination by either party giving three calendar months notice in writing to the other party.

10. The subscriber undertakes that he will not knowingly, during the term of this agreement or for a period of six months thereafter, employ for office cleaning purposes anywhere, any person who, during the term of this agreement, shall have been engaged by the Company in it’s business. A fee equivalent to six calendar months shall be charged by the Company to the subscriber if they are in breach of this agreement.

11. All invoices are processed within the first week of the current month of the service and in order to maintain and support a quality service, payment must be made within 30 days of that date. The Company will apply statutory interest of 8% above the base rate prevalent at the time of the invoice to each account which is not paid by the date upon which it becomes due. After 60 days, the Company will have the right to suspend service forthwith. Payment must still be made during any such suspension.

12. No agent, employee or servant of the Company has any authority orally to vary in any way the terms of this contract. It is however agreed that if any variations are made in the terms of this contract, they shall be written between Company and subscriber, and such variations be deemed to be incorporated in this contract, but subject thereto this contract shall remain and continue in force.

13. This contract shall be suspended during any period when by reason of a war, riot, strike or trade dispute or other cause beyond the control of the Company the work hereby contracted for is unable to be performed.

14. In the event of the subscriber reducing a specified area in which the specific work is to be carried out, on receipt by the Company of written notice to that effect giving sufficient detail, the Company may adjust the amount payable hereunder.

15. The Company shall be entitled to raise the subscription by such an amount as will indemnify the Company so far as this contract is concerned in respect of any increase in the amount payable by the Company for National Insurance Contributions or Value Added Tax or any other levy by any Government department made upon the Company in respect of its employees.

16. Commencement of any service by Advanced Cleaning UK will be deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions.